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Are you looking to buy?

Why should you hire a realtor?

You're aiming for the best value, right? That means finding the most affordable option in a prime neighborhood. It can be tough nowadays to discover something within your budget that still holds promise for improvement. Are you struggling to envision the journey from a rundown project to your dream home? Let's explore the options together, and I'll guide you through the process step by step.

Unseen Renovations Cost Money

Construction. Apartment renovation

Home Buyers

Business Meeting

Client Loyalty Program

Westfield Team Client Loyalty
  • Free Renovation Consultations to help you create instant equity in your new home.

  • Lifetime valuations and advice to keep you on track with current market trends.

  • Extensive Contractor List - from Landscapers to Lawyers

  • Home Decorator Consultation via Wayfair Professional

  • Utility Switch Over Assistance

  • Loyalty Discount on Commission when you use me to sell a home that I helped you buy or buy a house when I am listing your current home.

  •  Gift Card Rewards for Client Referrals​

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