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Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Are you a homeowner contemplating selling, yet unsure how to prepare your property to fetch the best price in today's market? Remember, you only have 7 seconds to make a lasting impression! Our complimentary staging and home facelift guidance ensure your home is impeccably positioned to captivate the ideal buyer.

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What renovations will make your home more marketable without breaking the bank?

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Client Loyalty Program

We love our sellers and want to give back as much as possible and treat you like the VIP's that you are. 

  • Free Renovation Consultations to maximize your net proceeds (ROI) FOR LIFE

  • Free Home Staging when listing your home

  • Loyalty Discount on Commission when you use me to sell a home that we helped you buy or buy a house while we are listing your current home.

  •  Gift Card Rewards for Client Referrals​

  • Annual valuations FOR LIFE - lets keep you on track building equity in what's likely your biggest investment.

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