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Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Are you a homeowner thinking of selling but just not sure how to make your property market ready? Free Staging and home facelift advice puts your home in the best position for the right buyer.


Selling a home in a shifting market can be hard! Let me help you get the most you can for your home -
 10 tips to maximizing your investment

Do You Need to Renovate in a
to Sell to Today’s Buyer?
(hint: you do if you want top dollar!)
See if your house is in need by taking the quiz below.


What renovations will make your home more marketable without breaking the bank?

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Client Loyalty Program

We love our sellers and want to give back as much as possible and treat you like the VIP's that you are. 

  • Free Renovation Consultations to maximize your net proceeds (ROI) FOR LIFE

  • Free Home Staging when listing your home

  • Loyalty Discount on Commission when you use me to sell a home that we helped you buy or buy a house while we are listing your current home.

  •  Gift Card Rewards for Client Referrals​

  • Annual valuations FOR LIFE - lets keep you on track building equity in what's likely your biggest investment.

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