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5 Pre-Listing Steps You Should Take Before Signing a Listing Agreement

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

1. Call Shanna for a consultation on your home value (Oh Come On! You saw that one coming!!) No really - What projects (big & small) will make the most impact with the least amount of investment - including sweat equity! This is all done without a listing agreement so no obligation to list with me if you don't like my process.

2. Curb appeal - clean up the landscaping, straighten & clean up the mailbox making sure the number is marked, and put some flowers by your front door to make it more inviting. While outside: If not clearly marked - Take a can of orange spray paint and put easy to see dots on rocks and tree stumps so that buyers know where they are looking.

3. Write out a list - What were your favorite things about this home? What never really worked for you? What would you do next if you were going to stay?

4. Clean! Deep cleaning can take a LOT of time but the effects are amazing. Pictures come out better, first impressions are turned to gold and the home looks well cared for (even if you’ve been a bit neglectful on the quarterly or annual maintenance). Top things that turn off buyers but are super easy to fix - mildew-ridden caulk in the bathroom, dirty sink & stove in the kitchen, dirt paths on the carpet, and smells (#1 turn off)!

5. Gather your documents. No matter who is the listing agent, you will need a stack of documents to list and close the home.

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