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Moving Countdown 3 Weeks

Moving to a new city? Parting is such sweet sorrow

• Make travel arrangements with airlines, buses, car rental agencies and hotels; plan ahead for special needs of infants and pets.

• Obtain medical and dental records, x-rays and prescription histories. Ask your doctor and dentist for referrals and transfer prescriptions.

• Check into the laws and requirements of your new city regarding home-based businesses, professional tests, business licenses and any special laws that might be applicable to you.

• Have appliances serviced for moving (& Schedule your utiltiy switch over)

• Clean rugs and clothing and have them wrapped/packed for moving.

• Reserve the elevator if moving from or to an apartment or a high-rise condominium.

• If you plan a do-it-yourself move, recruit family and friends well in advance. Make sure to offer an appealing breakfast or lunch and beverages. Recruit more people than you need in case of last-minute cancellations!

• Reserve your rental truck, and be sure to reserve a wheeled dolly for heavy and bulky items.

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