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Virtual Showings:How & Why?

If there’s one thing I have actually enjoyed about this new pandemic life, it’s that I have been able to convince many of my clients to do a virtual showings. Essentially, it isolates in-person showings to only those that truly peak a buyers interest.

Here’s the process for Buyers:

1. You contact me (after you’ve met with a lender and been preapproved for your budget, and we set you up with your OWN PERSONAL HOME SEARCH PORTAL using those parameters and your wish-list.

2. After discussing the possibilities, we set up 1-3 homes for me to go see with you viewing LIVE comfortably at home.

3. We discuss the pros & cons and decide if any deserve a second showing - this time in person.

4. After the second showing, we discuss an offer. If there’s any doubt, I use the online floor plans to show you the possibilities for renovations to match your lifestyle and we discuss approximate budgets & timelines for renovations and most importantly, what the VALUE is of the home fully renovated is. You don’t want to over-renovate for your area and end up losing money in the future.

After some negotiation, Your offer is accepted. We have the inspections, renegotiate any issues, and move to contracts.

5. Contingencies, Closing and Contractor Visits.


Here’s the process for Sellers:

1. We meet to consult over any changes that need to be made in order to market to the highest bidder. Most changes will be small and any remodeling that needs to be done will have a serious value add when it comes to buyers. Once our listing contract is signed, I will help set up contractors, designers and give a market-preference opinion on your finishes if you ask me to. It's important to remember that you need to live in this home during showings but the work you do needs to be geared towards attracting the most amount of potential buyers. You will also have the house deep cleaned. After remodeling, I come in and stage. Sometimes I'll bring my own furniture and supplies, other times I use what you have and just arrange it in a more buyer-friendly fashion.

2. PICTURES, VIDEOS & FLOORPLANS. Today's buyers are only seeing 2-3 homes in person rather than the typical 12-15. They use the marketing materials to make a short list. I max out the amount of photos we can add to a listing so that the buyer has the most accurate experience of the home. Digital Floorplans, and even digital matter port walkthroughs, allow buyers to start planning! Lastly, we do a video! I've had videos that interviewed sellers on why they loved their home and videos that were just walkthroughs set to music. What's great about being with a smaller brokerage is that I get to do what I want to help my clients sell their home.

3. The Listing Goes LIVE! A lot happens in this short amount of time. Targeting Ads on social media, Emails & Mailers get sent out. Every agent within the counties noted on the two maps will be notified of your listing! If priced correctly, you will have a surge of showing requests. I always do a brokers-only open house and a public open house. Everyone is sanitized, masked, gloved and has shoe booties on. During the open house, I will have an assistant there doing a virtual open house via social media.

4. If it's my client, I do a virtual showing first. If it's another agents showing, I make sure that the buyer is qualified to buy the home and urge them to do a virtual showing prior to any in-person showings. You do vacate the property for all showings but the virtual ones are usually less time.

5. Second showings - In person! Finally the buyers get to see your home. If they've made it this far, they are already picturing themselves in the home!

6. Offers. All offers will be complete terms and in writing. That means we will have the approval, timeline and expectations of the buyers before you make any counter offers. After some negotiation, You accept an offer and we push through from there. We have the inspections, renegotiate any issues, and move to contracts.

7. Contingencies & Closing. During this time you will have a few more in-person visits by the inspectors and potentially contractors (if the new buyer plans to renovate), Appraisal & the Final Walkthrough.


It sounds like a lot but having the first half be virtual rather than in person truly makes it easier on all sides. I’m with you every step of the way, even after contract when most agents just hand it over to the attorneys.


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