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Where are the Women in Investment Real Estate?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic has hit us hard! Experts are calling this a Pink Collar Recession. Why? Four times as many women as men dropped out of the labor force in September, roughly 865,000 women compared with 216,000 men. The reasons are obvious to anyone who takes a moment to look. Childcare took a $65m hit leaving families without any support. Women still make .79 for every dollar men so it makes sense for a lot of women to stay home with their young children instead of working for roughly 75% of the money their male counterparts could make at the same job. Covid-19 has set progression back 10+ Years but that doesn't mean we as women need to sit quietly twiddling our thumbs. We can use this time as an opportunity to take control of our lives again. Gain knowledge and financial freedom through real estate all the while, still be able to stay home (if you choose!). I am here for that! I am at home with three young children (not in school yet) and the majority of my time is spent cooking, cleaning, and speaking into my headphones to write blog posts educating other moms and women so they feel empowered to make those decisions to propel their future.

Ashley, the author, got involved in creating this publication because she went to a conference with over 400 participants and TWELVE of them were women. 12. 12!!!! There is an opportunity here that so many women are missing. Why? To be an investor you need to have an analytical mind and a penchant for math & finances. Many of us have been programmed to think that anything in the STEM fields is beyond us. Really?? Half of us are already running households and are the true managers of our family's finances so why not use that skill and make money?

On top of that, women still outlive men by 6-8 yrs and it takes upwards of 250-500k to make it through those years without the "breadwinner". Now is the time o take control of your financial freedom and start thinking about how you can contribute to your future instead of relying on anyone else.

As a bonus:

Data has proven that women are better at investing than men so let's do it. Get set up with a phone or video call to find out more about how I help my clients.


Bigger Pockets podcast ep412.


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