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Investment Real Estate


Do you know what to look for in a good investment property and how to improve it so you can increase rents & cashflow? Do you want to expand your portfolio by adding another property or sell a smaller property to invest in a larger one? OR do you want to increase cashflow to sell for top dollar? This is what I do!


New Investors - We will teach you!

Already an Investor?
                We will be your partner!

Experience Matters

Our team has over two decades  of experience with commercial properties and over 30 years of multifamily investment experience.

We help you find the right property for your abilities. Is that a fixer upper with structural changes or one that just needs a facelift and life? Let us help you learn to analyze properties like the pro's and find you the investment you need to succeed.


With over a decade specializing in commercial properties and more than 20 years dedicated to multifamily investments, our team brings unparalleled expertise to the table.


We assist you in identifying properties that match your skillset. Whether it's a fixer-upper requiring structural adjustments or one in need of a simple facelift, we guide you through property analysis like seasoned professionals, ensuring you secure the right investment for your success.


Already an investor? Gain access to our network of off-market properties, where property owners prefer discreet sales without disrupting their tenants. Join our mailing list today for exclusive opportunities and access to off-market listings. Reach out to us now to seize these advantageous prospects!

Are You Ready to
Become an Investor?

brownstone multifamily homes

An expert for YOUR property.

We love being experts on your property. Many of the investors We've worked with to purchase their investment properties and rent their units have come back again and again to use us as their agents. Why? 

1. Phenomenal Listing & Marketing

2.  Prescreened Clients whom we would want rent to as a landlord.

3. Management & Renovation Experience.

4. Discounted rates for reoccurring clients

5. On-Call Agent - there when you need us! 


Client Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program for Investors:

  • Free Renovation Consultations
    on Personal & Investment Properties to maximize ROI & Cashflow.

  • Lifetime Property Advisor for when you need a second opinion.

  • 24 hour ROI Analysis for Investment Properties

  • Loyalty Discount on Commission when you use me to sell a property that I helped you buy

  • Loyalty Discount when you use me to list your available units.

  • Extensive & Vetted Contractor List - from Landscapers to Lawyers

  • Remodel Consultation & Discounts via Wayfair Professional

  • Utility Switch Over Assistance

  •  Gift Card Rewards for Client Referrals​

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