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Paint - A Seller’s Best Friend

You’ve heard it from me before but the easiest most cost-effective way to update your home is with a paint can and a roller.

The key is to stick to a color palette. Don’t forget, you can always customize a color by making it a shade or two darker or lighter. When painting for a sale, colors should be clean, neutral, and current.

Here are three ways I have used paint to update a home and maximize its value.

1. Statement - pick

the option to make a statement in a room that calls for it. For example, our dining room was just white on white. It already had this amazingly framed out molding and I wanted to highlight that so we painted that in a nice bright white semi-gloss so that I can be wiped because #Kids. I did the same to accentuate the large windows. For the statement - sophisticated teal by Behr.

2. Clean Slate - No more fingerprints, vacuum scuff marks on baseboards, or smoke lines from the fireplace. Erase time, wear & tear most easily. Hide imperfections - No house is perfect but a good coat of paint can highlight the things you want to see and blend in the ones you don’t.

3. Tell a Story - Paint can lead a person to become calm, excited, and even hungry. It can tell the story of the family who lives there. Are they a young family with brightly colored children’s bedrooms and playrooms? A sophisticated duo with a penchant for design? It’s important to take a bit of the personalization out of it. Let the buyers create the story of your home in their head and they will start creating a story of their own lives living there.


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