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3 Kitchen Reno Hacks to Stretch Your Budget

Three Kitchen Remodel Options to Stretch your budget and get potential buyers in the door.

Are you looking to sell your property but you don’t have the capital to fully renovate your kitchen. In real estate, we refer to small renovation and DIY fixes as “facelifts” and that's exactly what most kitchens need in order to get buyers in the door. If your kitchen is still in good shape but sports outdated finishes there are three renovation hacks that you can do that are cost-effective and beautiful. A lot of the homes on our market right now are built in the 1990s and early 2000s in which all wood cabinets were very popular. It used to be that you had to fully sand down to paint these cabinets. Luckily technology including that in construction has come a long way and now there are so many different products out there that allow for you to paint without fully taking off these cabinets and sending them down. In the past, I’ve used a liquid sander/deglosser by Jasco.

This allowed me to transform the cabinets without the mess of sanding. It roughs up the surface just enough so that you can get a nice fresh coat of paint on already finished wood. Depending on the feeling of your home a lot of people are going with white cabinets. Many of the recently renovated homes for sale with two-tone cabinets darker on the bottom lighter on top and I have also seen if it’s a large kitchen with two-tone cabinets with the island being a different color than the other cabinets. The cost to paint is a fraction compared to the cost to replace. A bit more middle road - replacing the fronts (doors/drawers) with refinishing the boxes. This is often the choice if the shape or detail of the cabinet is the issue.

The second hack is usable with cabinets that are already a popular choice and finish or these newly painted cabinets we spoke about above. Changing out the hardware of your cabinets to a more popular aspect is such a nice and cheap way to give your kitchen a fresh finished look. Many of the cabinets built in these builder-grade homes in the 90s didn’t even have the hardware to start with if your cabinet doesn’t have hardware there are many guide tools that you just put that piece of plastic up against the door choose which holes you’re going to use consistently and it makes it so easy to drill these holes and install cabinet hardware.

The third hack is a backsplash tile. If you were in a high-end neighborhood this may not be a good hack for you to DIY however if your neighborhood is moderate you may be able to get away with either hiring someone quickly to come to install a tile backsplash a mosaic tile backsplash your self. The mosaic tiles come in sheets that are easily cut with scissors and you buy a hand tool to cut tiles when necessary. In a lower-end neighborhood or a multi-family property, you can get away with temporary peel and stick backsplashes. they stick right to your freshly deep cleaned existing tile/wall. This gives the home a nice fresh new look and allows you to market your property to a different set of people.

All three of these hacks do not call for you to be incredibly handy and construction-minded. If you know how to use a screwdriver, a paintbrush a sanding block, and cleaning products you can get away with updating a small part of yourz kitchen for next to no money.

My Last Tip - Splurge on Moderately priced new appliances and make sure they all match!

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